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Flowyn is an engineering software tool for the rapid and reliable evaluation of fluid flow networks.  These flow networks can include a diverse array of engineering solutions that include conjugate heat transfer, multi-phase flow, compressible and incompressible flow.  The blending together of a robust solution module with a user friendly, intuitive graphical user interface create a powerful tool in the flow and thermal engineers arsenal.

Flowyn uses the concept of relationships between the pressures and flow before passing through a flow and pressure modifier such as a tube and the pressures, temperatures and flow immediately after the modifier. Flowyn allows the user to easily modify the resistance properties and to connect these resistances together to simulate a wide variety of real world networks. Flowyn has a large library of flow resistance elements that contain various capabilities including, Flow resistance, thermal extraction and addition, heat transfer with external fluids or heat conductance elements.

Our Mission

TFNR will create, market and maintain  the most reliable and robust fluid flow network solutions available to the flow engineer.  TFNR software will allow a more thorough analysis of possible design spaces in order to optimize and lower development cost.

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